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Your guests deserve an experience

We have made reservations become an experience. An experience designed to match the identity of the worlds best restaurants. No more compromising on quality. Welcome your guests like never before.

“We love SUPERB because of it’s clean and smart appearance. The system is an easy and professional way for our guests to book online and it suits Silo’s style”

Douglas McMaster, Silo & Mr Lyan

Treat everyone as a regular

Imagine knowing your guests before they arrive. All the information you need about your guest to make personal and memorable guest experiences. Finally, it is possible to make every guest feel at home.

“SUPERB is the first introduction to the restaurant. They understand how a restaurant work and what the guest want.”

  Karlos Ponte, Taller & PMY

Welcome to the future

SUPERB is built together with the world’s best restaurants for the worlds best only

Scandinavian design

We stick to our roots and have crafted the most beautiful reservation experience on the market, leaving your guests with the best first impression with no compromises.

We don’t steal

We are done with hidden fees, expensive hardware and so are you. No cover fees, licensing fees, ticket fees, longterm contracts and hardware requirements. Just as it should be.

No-shows are history

The leading restaurants in the world uses our technology to reduce no-shows. We are ready to take you into a future without no-shows and more security.

Endless possibilities

Create unique guest experiences. Get insights, host events, sell tickets or giftcards and much more. Simple and easy. All in one place.